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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The government has lost the plot on education policy...

Some things that are pissing me off about the state of education in the UK, and particular Conservative policy:

1) Michael Gove didn't like the recommendations of the STRB so he kicked out the critics and replaced them with his cronies.

2) Michael Gove is trying to provoke us to strike and distract us from our own ac...tion short of strike action by suggesting longer school days and shorter holidays. Rather than racing for the bottom, we need to fight for all workers to receive better conditions, not lower those who have them.

3) Teachers are now the miners of today - facing relentless ideological attacks on our profession by the corporate media.

4) As from September, schools have the legal authority to remove automatic pay progression. How is this going to encourage people to join and remain in the profession? PGCE applications have already significantly decreased and many people are looking for ways out.

5) The government is quietly eroding employment law, something which the European Union has done so well to improve, and as a result, along with the acceleration of academies, is going to bulldoze the way for private companies to take over education.

6) There are plenty of signs that show OFTSED is now corrupt - giving more favorable inspection outcomes to academies than state schools. It is in effect becoming an industry enforcement body rather than a supportive process. We need to back the NAHT with their own inspection body call INSTEAD.

They both speak as much sense as each other

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