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Monday, December 15, 2014

Punk Rock songs about Heavy Metal (Compilation)

Punk-rock songs about Heavy METAL!

A list of punk-rock songs about Heavy Metal and the best lyrics in brackets.

Diesel Boy – Cock Rock (I love the spandex that they wear, I saw Dio when he had hair. Well I know metal is dead, But I love to bang my head, and throw my fists up into the air, I know Ozzy Osbourne's old but I don't care)

Sack – Headbanger (And then this guy took off his denim jacket, and his shirt said 'Bark at the Moon'. He was a headbanger. He whipped his head around so fast He gave himself a concussion. Dude you better slow down, Before you break your neck, You know that shit can't be good for your brain)

Guttermouth – When Hell Freezes Over (You were good 20 years ago. Too much pot, A little too much blow! Now the bypass surgery, New hip At seisure world. Enjoy your stay. Shuffle Board, Bingo, Macrame. 3 hot meals liquified for you!)

No Use For A Name – Gene and Paul I hate you all (Gene and Paul I hate you most of all. Ace your the ace and Peter your the cat)

Descendents – Rock star (Rockstar. Poser. Asshole. Loser. Satisfaction. Recognition. Leave me alone. Let's see if we can exploit rock and roll to its fullest potential)

Frenzal Rhomb – Russell Crowes band (I don't get a million bucks for getting out of bed, I don't get a million fucks when I punch folks in the head, And even if we know we never get a billboard top 10 hit, At least we know Russell Crowe's bands a fucking pile of shit)

Guns N Wankers – 668 (Argh!)

NOFX – Kill Rock Stars ("Kill the rockstars" how ironic, Kathleen. You've been crowned the newest queen. Kinda like the punk rock Gloria Steinham. You can't change the world by blaming men. Can't change the world by hating men)

Propagandhi – Back to the Motor League (But what have we here? 15 years later it still reeks of swill and Chickenshit Conformists. With their fists in the ai . Like-father, like-son "rebels" bloated on korn, eminems and bizkits. Lord, hear our prayer: Take back your Amy Grant mosh-crews and fair-weather politics. Blow-dry my hair and stick me on a ten-speed. Back to the Motor League)

Screeching Weasel – I hate Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant is a slimy fuck. John Bonham man, he really sucked. Those greedy fuckers, those phoney shits. They made their money off idiots. I hate Led Zeppelin. 12 dollar concerts were all the rage. They bought cocaine for Jimmy Page. "Stairway to Heaven" makes me see red. Bonzo's buried, only three more left. I hate Led Zeppelin)

Nerf Hereder – Pantera Fans in Love (I'll bring the wine you bring the bread and cheese. It's hard to eat when you're headbanging. Makin' out in the middle of the pit. How come Slayer doesn't sing about this. If anything comes between you and me. Then heavy metal heaven, that's where we'll meet. We are Pantera fans in love)

Circle Jerks – American heavy metal weekend (The English, sure we'll give 'em a break. With their Hiwatts and their Marshalls. It started here make no mistake. It's alway real and never fake. Platform boots and puffy hair. Gotta raise and scare. Metal merchants peddle their wares. No U.S. made buyer beware)

Napalm Death – Cock rock alienation (Capitalism, racism, sexism. The foundations of cock-rocking idealism. Exploiting, sucking, manipulating. The wisdom of a starry-eyed nation. Making "idols" out of assholes. "Raunchy" "hunky" machismo type fools. "Who cares if they've got no brains. Just give us tits and tools!" Fantasy? Reality? Distinction? Satisfaction?)

Larm – Metal Attitude Sucks (Everybody’s going metal why shoudn’t you, 666 and sexism does it please you? Metal attitude sucks. High door prices major record company, rock star assholes making big money. Metal attitude sucks. Hardcore is generic, Metal is okay, but we know better so this is what we say: Metal attitude sucks. Better support Hardcore if you’re a punk)

Dayglo Abortions – Acting like Black Sabbath (Acting like black sabbath is lots of fun. Their records sound so heavy when I turn them on. I jump up and down and pretend I'm them. I can almost make the change. Tony Iommi is my god. His guitar solos have been osterized. Ozzy Osbourne is so out in space. That he'd probably love me if I pissed on his face)

Conflict – Metal Mania (Seen my bird, my Satan tattoos, I'm here to get fucked right out my nut, I'm jacking up, then falling down, but the lights, the dry ice, the stage act, Have you ever thought of directing energy towards action? "Action, I'd sooner fuck my motorbike",You pile of sexist, drugged up macho shit; you're a hindrance not a help, So go on bang your head harder, we hope it drops right off)

Scholastic Death - we think metal music is awesome, but everything connected to it sucks including you (what the fuck is going on? kids at hardcore shows wearing some fascist shirt, accepted since its "metal", why aren't you living up to your own ideals? screw all that fucking shit, punks shouldn't be supporting it,"hey dude, the music fucking rips", "i don't listen of music for the politics" well I call you out on your fucking shit)

© @Schwarzbrennen

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