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Monday, April 20, 2015

Manchester Punk Festival 2015 Review Poem

Manchester Punk Festival 2015 

So Manchester Punk Festival was a mind blowing experience. 
Years of experience of attending Fest, meant those at the helm could provide us the best
Set up, where those at the Sound desk were master full in Control,
And a squat simulation basement to sing and shout 'Woah'.
No need for a stroll beyond a 100 metre radius of Oxford Road
Without townie eyes needlesly prying.
An overwhelming turn out had settled the soul,
With the Murderburgers signing off nicely with 'all my best friends are dying'.
Acoustical joy in the Thirsty Scholar, with Captain Hotknives, Joe McMahon, and Billy Liar.
Even the heckle was coaxed out of retire
Much to the merry ment of a joyful choir.

Quality starter and mid session ales,
In the Salisbury's well kept cellar, that never fails.
To warm the springtime with some FC United fans in session
from Mansfield and beyond, who taught us a lesson.
About punk football, and sticking it to the man
A lovely paper programme kept us in the plan.
To teach us a lesson about pop and punk,
Where the Wonk Unit pumelled to an outstanding pop
With their disco punk getting the old punks to bop
To the songs and the sounds of sparkling donkeys
In a haze and a blur of Parklife meets Musical Monkey
Joseph Holt Maple Moon and strategic Old Rosies
Double Whiskey Noise Cokes on the cobbled streets a cozy.
To an unimaginable day of Mancunian sun.
A burrito and cocktails to ensure the nights fun.
New establishments bound so we didn't Peveril of the Peak.
I wish we could do this, every week. 

A virgin experience of Muncie Girls,
Whose wonderful vocals caused the brain swirls to unfurl.
The crazy pit antics from those at The Restarts,
With joyful songs about our rebellious upstarts.
And I never though I'd say it to this day,
Yet Apologies, I Have None killed the night away.
Spitfire and crusties singing songs outside about Whiskey.
Mellowed into beers in the park and a magic football kicksy.
And two old bums reminisced rheumy eyed whilst playing football tennis,
Marvelling at the Mancunian architecture without counting the pennies.

To the after gig at the Retro Bar, queuing by the door like 14 year old kids
At a NOFX concert, just to make sure of being in the mix.
Against Me! covers set was a League Apart,
Such a ridiculous affair, and a massive singing part.
As those did a great job with that their song selection.
Sent the night into overdrive without need for destruction
And then Out Come the Wolves in the moonlit eleventh hour
Then the last train back to Leeds with a cold can of red stripe to devour.
Straight into the taxi and tucked up in bed,
By 2:30am and a warm fuzzy head.
Not bad for the getting old timers 
2016 let's do it again.


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