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Saturday, September 19, 2015

WWF Summerslam 1992 - Live Coverage

WWF Summerslam 1992 - Live coverage from Wembley Stadium, London, England

Bobby Heenan has already declared himself the King of England, to which Vince Mc mahon said Henry the 8th would be turning in his grave. IRS has called the British Public taxdodgers, proclaiming that the Royal Family bare the burden. Oh, and Legion of Doom came to the ring on Motorbikes. What a start!

IRS spot on with his economic analysis of British society, even back then. City of London a haven for dodgy investment.

Now there's something you don't see very often these days, a double clothesline followed by a double tag.

Disgraceful, "a stink". LOD win with a Powerslam without even hitting the Doomsday device! Shoddy booking.

Gene Okerland now quoting Winston Churchill, "Now is the time".

The greatest black wrestler of all time 'Virgil', once referred to as a 'shoeshiner' by Ted Dibiase, is now being interviewed.    

Virgil is so over with the crowd. Wild scenes!

He is fighting Nailz, who is dressed like he is a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay.

When referees wore long sleeved shirts and bowties.

Nailz wins with a sleeper! There better be a big payout pop in the main event. Nailz is choking out Virgil with a Nightstick. There is no justice.

They are showing old footage of Rick 'The Model' Martell, who is modelling himself on Sylvester Stallone. Sensational Sherri, on the other hand, is modelling herself on Cher, circa 'If I could turn back time'.      

The Model is in the ring with a wooden tennis racket. Sherry is holding up a 5ft mirror behind Shaun Michaels. This could be the match of the night, if The Model wasn't as stiff as Alberto Del Rio.

Shaun Michaels mullet and ear ring combo is circa New York punk 2015.

Martell dodges a Michaels combo with a Cartwheel!

Interesting fashion from Martell too. Bright pink pants and knee pads, combined with pastel pink boots.

Yes! No punching in the face rules, yet they end up having a face slap off in the ring.   

OMG! A quadruple Mooney during four continuous roll up pin attempts. Where are Right to Censor?

Sheri has fainted at the beauty of both participants! And now they are fighting to try and resuscitate her. 

And this had led to a double count out! Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer has already given this a match 4/5 star rating. I take back what I said about Martell. Both participants are fighting to carry her back up the walkway.

The Model has doused Sheri in a bucket of cold water to rejuvinate her. The final joke is on her.

There is still 2 hours left of this bad boy, and I've still got half a bottle of Rum and a Biryani in the fridge.

The Nasty Boys once again manage to do a vignette with a vocabulary of less that 10. Are they even fighting tonight?

'The Genius' manager of The Beverley Brothers has referenced the world cup of 1966. Since when have Earthquake and Typhoon been faces?

A double belly squash by the Natural Disasters has been referred to as an 'Earl of Sandwich'.

Vince McMahon - "London Bridge is falling down" after Typhoon takes a bump.

The Berverley Brothers are showing some real pedigree here. Criminally under appreciated during my face loving teenage years.

Someone is the crowd is using an air horn. Whatever next? Pyro?

Earthquake gets the hot tag, and wins the match with a hip toss, belly to belly suplex, jumping jackboot kick, and an Earthquake splash, Impressive stuff.

The Ultimate Warrior sign on his dressing room door looks like it was made by a Primary School student in Pimlico during Wrestlemania project week.

Crush vs Repo Man on now - weren't these guys in Demolition once upon a time?

Girlfriend injerjects: Put the rum back in the cupboard and your hand out your pants.

My reply: There's no Divas division in '92 and Dolph Ziggler wasn' t around in those days.

Savage vs Warrior in the 'Main Event' is "moments away" - just who whose corner will Mr Perfect be in?

I made a 'Texas Tornado' t-shirt during primary school project week. I hope he is wrestling tonight.

The sun has gone, and darkness descends in time for the World Title match, impeccable timing.

The stadium erupts for the Ultimate Warrior - he was always more over in the UK than Hulk Hogan.

Both these wrestlers are now dead. This is indeed a match made in heaven.

Two of the most colourful outfits in the history of wrestling are on display here.

I will never forgive my dad for not taking me. His saving grace is that we had Sky TV.

Randy Savage goes to the top rope for his third consecutive offence and Warrior catches him mid-air. Jaw dropping stuff!

Savage hits a double axel handle from the top rope to the outside. ECW took note.

Talking point: Ric Flair & Mr Perfect are heading to the ring.

The entrance ramp the length of 3/4 of a football pitch. No wonder LOD came down on motorbikes.

A perfect opportunity for a double clothesline.      

Mr Perfect trips up the Macho Man! They are trying to turn The Warrior heel in the UK!

Ref Bump. Savage hits a piledriver, and then Flair uses the brass knuckles on Warrior It was a sham all along. The psychology in the ring in those days was infinitely better. And OMG Warrior kicks out after a Macho top rope elbow. The comeback is set up beautifully. Warrior is shaking the ropes - here we go!

The Guardian live blogging in retrospect!

It's Flair with a Chair. The odds are stacked.

Now Flair hits Savage with the chair, and is counted out. Flair & Mr Perfect trying to destroy him. It was a cover all along. The announcer has declared Warrior the winner via count out, so no title change. The Warrior & Savage are now having a love-in in the middle of the squared circle. Just what is going on?

Okerland is interviewing Perfect & Flair in the showers.

Dr Harvey Whimpleman is introducing Kamala - what happened to Slick? The Undertaker, who is 2-0 currently at Wrestlemania is coming down to the ring riding on the back of a hearse! Is this his last ride?

The Undertaker is sporting the classic 'Greg gloves, grey socks' combo.

WWF doing their best to promote cultural diversity by portraying Kamala as an animal by having a tamer (complete with bee keeping mask) as well as a manager.     

The bell rings and Heenan says "Kamala thinks it will be dinner time now". Undertaker wins by DQ. Kamala hits a splash from the top rope, yet the Undertaker gets up and chases his out of the arena.No tombstone! Something big better happen in the last match.

The British Bulldog is being interviewed, looking like he has been in the make up room for the past 2 hours. He's sporting corn rows that any push-moshing Korn fan would be proud of.

Okerland is sporting a classy red pocket square.

The Balmoral Highlanders are playing a Scottish anthem on bag pipes. It's Roddy Piper! He's picked up a bag pipe, and is playing along. There's more to these wrestlers than meets the eye.

Fantastic views of the pixelated scoreboard.

Bagpipes in London? Almost as bad as when they put Man Utd shirts on faces at house shows. Guaranteed boos!

Diana Smith is being interviewed. The bond of the family is being put over the individual egos of her husband and brother.

Lennox Lewis (is he that old?) is carrying down the Union Jack during the British Bulldogs entrance. Heenan confuses Lewis with black American boxer Joe Wood , shocking!

Surprisingly, Bret Hart gets as much pop as the Bulldog. Here it is folks, the moment you have all been waiting for. If you are a UK wrestling fan and over 30, this is the greatest wrestling match of all time.

The kid in the second row is wearing my British Bulldog t-shirt.

Fast forward 10 years and my daughter is asleep on the sofa due to her dad's inane analysis. 

Oh dear, I have just poured more rum in the glass, thinking it was mixer.

It's taken 2 hours, 30 minutes for the commentators to refer to Fish & Chips. That must have taken discipline, patience & professionalism.

Bret Hart is now heel after kneeing the Bulldog in the gonads.

The odds of Davey Boy Smith beating the Excellence of Execution must be akin to those of Japan beating South Africa in the Rugby Union World Cup.      

Heenan "The Bulldog just got Bulldogged" - classic commentary line.

Whilst discussing Lennox Lewis' upcoming match, Heenan gets Razor Ruddock confused with Razor Ramone.            

A square has appeared on the screen showing the 'live-reaction' of Diana Smith.

Lots of pin reversals so far in this match, amongst all sorts of amazingness, is this a sign of things to come?

Lady Diana is back in the square. The original peoples princess.

FYI, Davey Boy Smith's house is up the road from where I live, and he used to bounce at my local Weatherspoons. This means everything.

If Davey Boy wins, everything on this PPV hitherto can be forgiven.

Bret Hart has kicked out of the running Powerslam. No, no, please, no.

McMahon "Every wrestling move I have ever seen has been used in this match".

And almost on cue comes the double clothesline.            

Bulldog kicks out of the Sharpshooter. Sunset Flip. 1,2,3! He's done it.

THE GREATEST SINGLE SPORTING ACHIEVEMENT OF ALL TIME BY ANYONE IN THE UK. Family triumphs over ego. Diana is in the ring in tears. Rule Britannia. GAME OVER.


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